How to set up your TV in Dubai

Plus other tips to get your started in your new UAE home

The Knowledge

Get TV and internet
‘Visit your nearest du Shop with your passport (including valid residency visa for expats), Emirates ID, and a valid tenancy contract or a copy of your ownership title deed, with name and physical address. You can send someone else to sign up for you with the above papers and an authorisation letter.’
Customer service team at du. Locations across Dubai, including Dubai Media City, (04 390 5555).

Change a showerhead
‘Unscrew the fitting attached to the tap. Make sure that the fitting purchased is of the same diameter as the old one, make sure that the rubber washer is inside of the fitting. Screw fitting to the tap, if the rubber washer is not seated correctly it will cause the fitting to leak.’
Paul Sumner, Must Have Maintenance. Services properties across Dubai, (04 333 8874).

Change a plug fuse
‘Isolate and unplug from the socket, unscrew the plastic cover, identify the AMP of the fuse, simply remove the old fuse and replace with the identical fuse, screw the cover back on and plug back in the wall. Turn on the switch on the socket.’
Paul Sumner, Must Have Maintenance. Services properties across Dubai, (04 333 8874).

Start a herb garden
‘Herbs such as coriander, different types of mint and basil, chives, lemongrass, thyme, parsley, rosemary, asparagus etc grow very well in an arid climate. Locate an area where at least six to eight hours of sunlight is available and some sort of protection from heavy and unexpected winds that may arise. The basic soil requirements should be light and airy, well-drained, mixed with compost (organic plant matter) and well-composted/heat-treated manure. If growing from seeds, they can be planted in trays with drainage holes. Seeds can be allowed to germinate indoors from the end September to get a head start and slowly introduced to a few hours of sunlight after the first set of leaves appear (early to mid October). Transplant the seeds into desired containers/beds when there are two to three sets of leaves. When you plant the herbs, care must be taken to know the approximate heights of the full grown plants and spacing should be adequate, too. Always try and keep the herbs compact by pinching or cutting and harvesting, which will encourage fresh growth. Water them well enough to keep the soil moist at all times but never overly wet. Nutrients can be fed at intervals as either foliar spray or soil drench or added to soil. Monitor the plants regularly to prevent spot, treat bugs or viruses.’
Nisha Thomas, Blue Planet Green People, Cluster U, JLT (050 705 7230).

Become a first-aider
A number of firms offer first aid courses for companies wanting to train appointed staff and individuals wishing to learn the fundamentals for personal use. Safe Hands UAE’s courses cover the necessary basics and can tailor courses to suit specific hazards or accident risks. Courses focusing on paediatric first aid are also available for parents and home help.
Locations across Dubai, (055 303 1728). treat bugs or viruses. Nisha Thomas, Blue Planet Green People, Cluster U, JLT (050 705 7230).

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