How to jump-start a car

Never had a flat battery? Prepare yourself now

The Knowledge

1 Position another car near yours (but not touching).

2 Switch off both engines.

3 Connect the red jump lead to the positive (+) terminal of the flat battery.

4 Connect the other end to the positive (+) terminal of the boosting battery.

5 Connect the black jump lead to the negative (-) terminal of the boosting battery.

6 Connect the other end of the black lead to a bolt or metal bracket on the car to be started (this stops a damaged flat battery from exploding).

7 Start engine of boosting vehicle, run at a ‘fast idle’ speed for 20 seconds.

8 Now start the engine of the ‘dead’ vehicle, to check it is running okay.

9 If all okay, stop the engine of the boosting car.

10 Disconnect the leads individually; black lead first, then the red lead. DO NOT let the metal clamps touch each other – this is very dangerous.

11 Close the bonnets/hoods of the cars.

12 Drive the ‘dead’ car carefully without stalling to the nearest workshop or battery dealer to have your battery/charging system checked thoroughly.
Be careful: if you short-out a charged battery it can cause great harm to a person; if you are not sure what to do, don’t do it – call a mechanic.

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