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Dubai’s best pizza, ashtanga yoga, breathable underwear and more

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This week the team at Time Out Dubai has taken their constant, selfless dedication to delivering you the city’s greatest secrets to all-new levels. As such, after a week of sampling pretty much every pizza in Dubai, in this issue – on sale today! – we proudly, if a little chubbily, reveal the 27 very best. Whether you’re after a cheap, cheesy bite, a pizza laden with beluga caviar (really), the thinnest or longest pizza ever or anything in-between, this is a truly essential guide to the king of foods.

By way of dietary compensation, this issue also takes you deep inside the bonkers but brilliant world of sunrise fitness classes and samples the new craze of Ashtanga Yoga. Which is a good thing, as on top of all that it also reveals the greatest party yachts, charters and cruises for you to take, and most of them require you to wear a swimming costume.

Just in case that wasn’t enough for the incredible, still-only Dhs9 cover-price, we also examine the modern marvel that is ‘breathable’ underwear. Being honest, we were shocked when we first discovered this (we had no idea those parts of our bodies even needed to breathe! Frankly, it’s a miracle we’re still here at all) but are mighty glad we did.

All of which neatly brings us to the bottom line. Which is this: buy your copy today. It will make your week a better one.

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