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Life is complete. I set out to meet Mido, my hero, my icon, my inspiration in life, and I did it. I did it!

In an earlier Last Word column, you may remember that I confessed my admiration, adulation, adoration and basically my unerring determination to meet Mido, the former Roma, Marseille, Ajax and Tottenham Hotspur striker, who resides in Doha and works for beIN Sports. ‘Tottenham Hotspur’ – those beautiful two words. Sweet to my ears. And to Mido’s ears, too. I will never forget that brace against Portsmouth, and I was there when you scored against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup, Mido. Michael Brown’s shot thundered off the bar and you were there, you were there, Mido, hanging around the goal area, in the right place at the right time. ‘Mido! Mido! Mido!’ Oh, it was a special night, and I chanted your name for days.

My actual quote in December was that my main aim in life was to have a coffee with Mido and to tell the world it happened. Well the world knew it had happened very quickly, that’s for sure, but I didn’t have a coffee with him, I had two! On two separate occasions. That basically makes us best mates, right? ‘Did you see my best mate Mido on beIN Sports last night? What’s he like, eh?’ ‘Single macchiato and cold water on the side… that’s just so Mido.’ We spoke about Tottenham at length. It was fate. It was… wonderful. But I am starting to get worried as it has been three weeks now and he doesn’t text me anymore. And he doesn’t call…
I feel lonely, dejected and Midoless. What is my life without Mido in it?

He mentioned something about his wife and three lovely boys, but I thought he’d want to spend all his time with me… A plea to you Mido: please text me, have refreshments with me, dinner with me, talk Tottenham with me. Perhaps we can go on holiday together – a lads’ retreat? Please text me Mido… I look at the phone all day, waiting for your text as I’m too shy to text you. If the phone never does vibrate or ring and you’re possibly slightly scared and don’t want to see me ever again, let me tell you on this page that I will never forget you, my sweet, sweet friend.

Patrick Hulbert is editor of Time Out Doha. He just stares at his phone. All day.

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