Staying in for the summer

Just when Paul Clifford thought it was safe to get back on the sofa

The Knowledge

Summer’s here and the time is right, for sitting at home and watching the TV. Not quite how the song went, but in the near 50°C heat, you certainly won’t find me dancing in the street.

This is my first summer in the UAE (hopefully this means no-one else will have to ask me that question), having arrived with my wife last September. Coming from the chilly climes of Newcastle in North East England, the heat when we landed was something of a shock. We thought we had gotten used to it over the last nine months, which seems to be have been supremely misguided.

Thankfully, the extreme weather seems to be working in my favour. I wouldn’t say I’m a lazy man, but once I’m finished with work and I’ve finished boring household chores, I like to relax. However, my beautiful wife (who I love very much of course) is a constant ball of energy, always wanting to try new things and see new places. Usually I wish I had half of her enthusiasm, but at the moment, I’m glad I don’t.

We’ve tried going for walks, but it’s just too hot. We’ve tried driving to places, but the roads are somehow more manic than usual. We’ve tried getting out to do something, anything, but it’s just too hot. Out of necessity, it seems, my predilection for sitting (or more accurately, lying) on the sofa and watching TV is going to be indulged over the next ten weeks. My wife, reluctantly, is also realising this, so we’re now in the process of meticulously planning which box sets to watch.

Thankfully, this issue of Time Out Abu Dhabi has all the information needed to make the summer sofa dream come true. You’ll already have read in a previous issue how to get your favourite food from your favourite restaurants delivered conveniently to your door, but this is not an issue for me – I live above a fast food joint, so I needn’t move a muscle for my dinner to arrive in double quick time. But what I’m most interested in is the 30 best box sets ever, which features every essential bit of TV you could hope to have on your screen.

Having already watched a big chunk of the list, we chose American Horror Story. And the plan has backfired spectacularly. There’s no relaxing together now, just a fraught 60 edge-of-the-seat minutes followed by six petrified, nervous hours in bed. It’s terrifying and brilliant. Why not start your summer there?

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