Dubai Big Bus Tour

All aboard the shopping bus! We hop on the Big Bus to take in the best sights, and shops, in Dubai

The Knowledge

You’ve seen them in other cities. You’ve probably even popped friends and family onto one here. But as the rather less than scientific straw poll taken around the Time Out office has revealed, few of us have actually ventured onto one of them ourselves.

Which is daft really – after all, there’s no better way to get your bearings than to circumnavigate a city on the ground. And with Dubai’s, how shall we put it, rather eccentric road systems cowing all but the most adventurous of us to fall into sticking to treading the same well-worn rat runs (to and from work/our favourite mall/restaurant/gym), we think it’s safe to assume that there are a fair share of Dubaians who are more familiar with some of the city’s sights when seen on (TV) screen than in the here and now.

The Big Bus Tour rather happily knocks all that into touch. Climb aboard and you’ll quickly see how much fun there is to be had in scooting about the city on the top floor of a double-decker. OK, so it’s probably not quite up there with Joni Mitchell’s lament about driving through Paris in a sports car with the top down, but anything that takes the hassle out of Dubai’s traffic works for us. Plus you get to see every major landmark in the city, from Deira to the Marina, allowing you to experience the sheer scale of the city’s dramatic growth spurt in concertina form. Throw in an excellent running commentary and ‘free’ entry into the likes of the Dubai Museum and a cruise across the Creek and it’s got to be one of the best days out the city can throw at you. And with all tickets valid for a full 24 hours allowing you to hop on and hop off as the mood takes you, you can do the tour one day and board again the next to take the cat to the vet (or something).

Tickets Dhs200 adults, Dhs100 children (5-15 years).

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