Life after lost?

It's possibly the most confusing series ever to hit our screens. We try to unravel Lost…

The Knowledge, Time In
The Knowledge, Time In

What are your thoughts about the show finishing in 2010?
Personally, it’s a relief. I owe this show a great amount, and I think it’s exceptionally good. . . [but] I am looking forward to the freedom that comes with not working on one project professionally.

Is it the right time to end Lost from a creative stand point?
All of us knew that if the show was strung out indefinitely, it was going to ruin the story. It’s not like a doctor drama, where you have a new case each week. This show started with a plane crash on an island in the South Pacific, and it’s going to have a very global and epic ending.

Do you have an idea of the ending?
I have some idea!

It will be an adjustment after playing a character for so long – what are your thoughts on Jack?
Yes, it will be a big adjustment when it’s all said and done. You’ll be able to look at the six seasons of Lost and see a pretty amazing character arc. Jack has been evolving, and not necessarily into a good place. We started the show with him being this hero who had no concept of what that required, sort of trying to live up to the expectations, and then finding the way to redeem himself.

What does the future hold for you career-wise after the show?
I love the collaborative experience of working with directors and actors, the technical aspect of filmmaking. I’ve been proud of the things I’ve been part of so far. I don’t have control over what will come my way, but if the opportunities I get excited by keep coming, I’m going to continue in this business. If they don’t, then there are other things in my life I’d like to try.

Like what?
Like flying.

What will happen in Season five?
A lot is going to happen. Time is obviously going to be a huge part of the show – there will be lots of flashbacks and the first four or five episodes will set the rules for how the season will turn out.

And where will we find Jack?

The first part of the season for Jack will be trying to get as many of the Oceanic 6 back to the island as possible – he is utterly convinced that it’s his only salvation, that he is meant to be there and he has to finish what he was brought to the island to do – it’s gonna be a cool year.

Story so far

The story of Lost begins in 2004, when Oceanic Flight 815, heading from Sydney to Los Angeles, crash lands on a remote island in the South Pacific. As the survivors – Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Locke among them – come to terms with their predicament, we begin to explore their histories via flashbacks in much the same way as the characters explore their new home. But this isn’t your average desert island – polar bears run wild, there’s a monster made of black smoke, and why is it that ghosts of dead friends and relatives keep reappearing?

Discoveries are soon made that the island was once inhabited by a group of scientists known as the Dharma Initiative, but what they were up to remains to be seen. The truth is obscured even further by the presence of the island natives – a hostile group dubbed ‘The Others’ – who don’t approve of plane crash survivors or scientists turning up.

The hero of the story is undoubtedly Jack, who wants nothing more than to get his people off the island – and by the end of season four he succeeded, but at what cost? The ‘Oceanic 6’ are the only ones who made it back – lying to the media to protect those left behind from obsessed billionaire Charles Widmore, who will stop at nothing to seize the island for himself.

Why does he want it so badly? Why has the leader of The Others, Benjamin Linus, told Jack he has to return to the island with all of the Oceanic 6? Why is Locke in a coffin? And how can you get back to an island when at the end of the last season it seemed to just vanish? We hope some of these questions will be answered in season five, but we’re not counting on it.
Lost Season five runs on ShowSeries from February 25 at 9pm

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