How to become a choreographer in Dubai

Interview with Danny Lee, 28, Choreographer and Assistant Director at The Act Dubai

How to become a choreographer in Dubai

Why did you become a choreographer?
I started out as a dancer on tours, music videos and TV shows in the UK. Then I got to a point in my career where dancing wasn’t enough. So any opportunity I got to choreograph, I took it. I’ve done everything from small cabaret shows to music videos for [Lebanese pop star] Haifa Wehbe.

Do you have to work with a lot of divas?
Well, artists, dancers and performers have big personalities – let’s just say that. Especially big artists. They have a lot of demands and a lot of ego.

How do you handle that?
To be fair, I’ve never met a bigger diva than me. I Joke! It’s just about managing expectations really.

Some people just can’t dance. Are dancers born or created?
Well, having natural rhythm is a big factor, and some people don’t have it. But I think you can play with people’s strengths, so I do feel that dancers can be created.

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