The week in brief

We met Lemar, admired Dubai's prettiest pets, and engaged in some jazz action. How was your week?

The wrap, The Knowledge
Hard day’s night

Lemar, how could you shatter our heart-shaped teenage fantasies so cruelly? We dragged ourselves to Chi on a school night, and for what? Certainly not to wait until 1.30am for the soul star to amble on stage, sing a meagre five songs (albeit beautifully) then disappear without so much as a ‘Thanks Dubai’. Of course, Time Out is far from defeatist: we sweet-talked our way into the VIP room, to find a spaced out-looking Lemar, lounging on a sofa. Sidling in next to him, we had just started to ask his thoughts on Dubai (apparently the audience was very ‘hospitable’) when his cross-looking manager shouted at us to get out because Lemar was too tired to talk. Yes, that marathon on-stage stint sure looked exhausting.

Dubai Pet Show

Disappointingly, the Dubai Pet Show’s ‘Dog that looks most like owner’ wasn’t full of Martin Parr-esque poodle permed princesses and their pooches, nor fierce-faced grumpy Englishmen and their requisite bulldog counter-part. Prime podium position was in fact taken by a sweet little ballerina with her identically dressed doggy. Maybe ‘Pet’ show was slightly misleading, however, as the event was mainly about dogs, with a side tent of cats. That’s unless we missed the hamster marquee or performing ants arena. But there was a flea market, mind.

RAK Half Marathon

The 2009 RAK Half Marathon kicked off proceedings last weekend in eccentric fashion. Stretching our legs against a Portaloo, we almost popped a hamstring at the sound of 30-odd Emirati policemen cranking up their bagpipes. It was enough to keep the mind racing over the start line; the legs followed, as did a low-flying chopper, which filmed proceedings from barely 100ft off the ground. All in all, the race was a great success. Kenyan Patrick Macau pocketed the spoils, clocking the second fastest time in history. Dire Tune (sic) of Ethiopia won the women’s race, setting a national record in the process. The rest of us hobbled off to discuss shin splints and the wild streets of RAK.

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