My City: Yasmin Dannawy

Yasmine Dannawy, 34, teacher at Jumeirah College, tells us about her life…

The Knowledge

• I moved to Dubai because

• I wanted to work in the Middle East. I saw it as an exciting and diverse place; a place that intrigued me and I wanted to explore further.

• From the point of view of a teacher, this diversity is very special – knowing that I am teaching so many different cultures who will grow up to be world citizens is very gratifying.

• My favourite things can all be done in Dubai. I used to live in Canada and ice skated, and I can do the same here in Ski Dubai or Dubai Mall. My interests are normally orientated around the outdoors. I love the tropical beaches of Dubai, but sometimes I like going to the shopping malls, too.

• All of my students are so well travelled. If we talk about a certain country or place, many kids will have actually experienced what it’s like, and won’t only be able to read about it in books.

• Safa Park is probably my favourite place in Dubai; it is so lovely to walk in on a sunny Dubai afternoon. I also love the sea, which is a perfect place to indulge in many of my hobbies, such as kayaking and sailing. Even in the summer the water is beautiful.

• If people keep an open mind, embrace the range of cultures and multitude of opportunities that are presented to them, I believe anyone can be happy here.

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