Quit your job, become a…pilot

British Airways Captain and Flying with Confidence course instructor

Quit your job, become a…pilot

Captain Steve Allright, 49
British Airways Captain and Flying with Confidence course instructor

Why did you become a pilot?
I have wanted to be one for as long as I can remember. When I moved house recently, I found a project book that I did when I was nine years old. There were two projects in
it, one was on aeroplanes and the other one was on birds.

What qualifications do you need?
A minimum of two A-levels. You also need excellent interpersonal, leadership
and customer service skills, high standards and good co-ordination. You must be highly motivated, a team player and able to stay calm under pressure.

Best bits of the job?
The view! Also the thrill of being in command of an amazing piece of technology, the fantastic people I get to meet and work with and spending time abroad.

Favourite airport to land at or take off from?
Landing at any of London’s because I know I’m nearly home, but the approach into Vancouver takes some beating. The take-off from New York on a clear day is thrilling.

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