Jennifer Lawrence interview

Five questions for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 star Jennifer Lawrence

The Knowledge

1 How do you feel to have shot your final Hunger Games?
Really proud. I’m so lucky that I’m doing what I love. Most of my friends are still figuring out what to do with their lives. This helped me do what I want to do.

2 Was Katniss a role you jumped at?
It took me a long time to decide, because I knew it would change my life. I was also worried I’d get bored. I thought I’d enjoying playing the character once, but in four movies? Thankfully, I was wrong!

3 Is it true there was a swear jar on set?
Yeah, for the kids on the set, to protect them from hearing things they shouldn’t. I think it cost me US$48,000.

4 How do you find the constant focus on what you look like?
Draining. I challenge any woman to look at a picture of themselves and go, “Yeah! You look GREAT! Good job!” Some people can be really mean, too. It’s like they grow up and devolve back to high school.

5 Next you’re back with David O’Russell for Joy. What’s the appeal of working with him?
He’s a genius. And he makes me look good. Which makes him a miracle-worker.

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