24 Redemption

We're all pretty excited about 24 Day Seven. If you need something to keep you going, take a peek at this…

Interview, The Knowledge

So, you’re back finally after a long break?
Yes, I don’t think any of us wanted the show to be off the air that long. What with the writers’ strike we had to wait an extra year. But we took advantage of that time – we did the prequel, which sets up season seven beautifully and we also got to take more time with the writing. So, in
turn, I think we’ve made the best season yet.

What can you tell us about season seven?
This year we have pulled out all the stops to bring you the most thrilling season yet. We’re really pleased to be opening the season in Washington. There’s a huge amount of history in the capital that really lends an authenticity to the show.

How is Jack different this year?
If you take a look at the very beginning of season one, there is this guy with an almost blind ideology towards his country and for what he’s doing. Flash forward to season seven and you’ve got a very disenfranchised guy who is being made a scapegoat and dragged in front of the Senate where he’s forced to defend himself in a very kind of defiant way. But when he’s in private there is a huge inner conflict where he acknowledges that there is a problem with the things he’s done. And that’s what is wonderful about this character; he’s constantly growing.

We’ve heard some of Jack’s past may revisit him. Does that mean people from his past could revisit him too?

There’s certainly a potential for that.

When are we going to see Jack Bauer on the big screen?
We have every intention of making it, but again, because of the complexity of writing the series, and the fact that we [the creative team] want to do it together, we all agreed very early on that we’d focus on doing the series and when the series was done we would then tackle the idea of a movie. To ask the writers to write, in essence, 12 films a year and then go and write something even more fantastic for a two-hour feature was just unfair.

What do you think about the show adding a new female president in season seven?
I think it’s great. I was really proud that we had the very first African-American president on television. This obviously won’t be the first female president [on TV], but it’s certainly a political reality in this country and a possibility. There’d been some talk initially that there wouldn’t be as much terrorism or torture last season. That’s the show! If you don’t like it, turn it off. I mean sorry, that’s what we do.

Will Jack Bauer finally get some much needed lovin’?
I can’t even begin to explain the unbelievable difficulty of writing in real time. I mean, wouldn’t it be great if Jack Bauer could have a romantic aspect of the show. But you show me a romance that can develop in 24 hours under these kinds of circumstances. So if we did that people would go, ‘That’s wrong!’ There are so many things we can’t do in the show by virtue of its time format.

Day seven – a sneak preview

Day seven picks up in the months following REDEMPTION, after Jack Bauer sacrifices his freedom for the safety of innocent children in Africa. As the ongoing international crisis intensifies, the new day is set in Washington DC: Bauer is on trial; CTU is disbanded; and new president Allison Taylor leads the country through a day of unthinkable circumstances. Jack’s morning takes a shocking a turn when the nation’s security is breached. Although CTU is no longer, computer whiz Chloe O’Brian and former CTU chief Bill Buchanan return – along with FBI agents Renee Walker, Larry Moss, Janis Gold, and Sean Hillinger – to begin a nail-biting day…

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