Mother’s Day movies

Fancy taking mum out, but dinner’s a bit beyond the budget?

The Knowledge

She will have had to sit through endless re-runs of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Bambi with you, as you were growing up, so this time it’s mum’s choice. Yes, even if it means two-hours in the company of your worst cinematic nightmare. Here are some ideas for mum-friendly movies to celebrate Mother’s Day with…

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that most Brit mums love a bit of Hugh Grant. Yup, he plays the same character in every film, but this is just the kind of man that mum wishes she’d married, so she’s over the moon. This isn’t a bad film, and Hugh is accompanied by British comic-turned-actor Simon Pegg, making it all the more watchable - for Pegg fans, at least.
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Marley & Me
Yup, it’s the one with the dog and Jennifer Aniston, and it’s a definite mum-pleaser. Thankfully, the plot’s not entirely based around the mutt, in fact, it’s quite a funny one with Owen Wilson quipping his way through two-hours of family-ish fun. A good shout if you’re looking for a movie that mums and older kids could enjoy together.
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Mums love a weepy so this could be just the ticket for a Mother’s Day outing. Nina’s a down on her luck waitress who falls in love with the equally unfortunate Jose, a chef at the restaurant she works in. Luckily, their Hollywood good looks and can-do attitudes help them escape their fates. It’s a bit grim, but it all comes right in the end - there’s also plenty of opportunities for mum to nod in sympathy at Nina’s trials and tribulations and wag her finger at the baddies.
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Finding Amanda
There’s nothing a mum likes more than that nice Matthew Broderick. It’s another merry tale of ordinary folk overcoming their challenges and everything turning out swimmingly in the end. And it’s quite funny too so it shouldn’t be too much of a trauma to sit through.
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My Mom’s New Boyfriend
This film is; how shall we put it? An acquired taste, if you’re not a Meg Ryan fan. But we have it on good authority that mums like it. Maybe they see a bit of Meg in themselves? Whatever the case, it’s a good choice for a Mother’s Day treat, despite the less-than-glowing reviews.
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