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Waste the day with <em>Time Out</em>’s favourite videos of Dubai on Youtube

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How did any of us ever survive without Youtube? What exactly did we do with our time before we were watching chuckling babies, dance recitals and sneezing pandas?

We can’t remember but we know we don’t want to go back to those dark days.

There are already thousands of Dubai-based videos on Youtube. Time Out has selected 10 favourites. Send us your links to your favourite clips and leave a comment to tell us what you think of these gems.

1 Visions of the future: We talk about change a lot at Time Out Dubai. When we started writing about Dubai back in 2001 there was no Madinat, no Palm Jumeirah and no flying cars. But there never will be flying cars, we hear you say. Well we’ve seen a vision of the future of Dubai and we don’t think it is as far fetched as we would have done just a few years ago.

2 View from the top: That vision of the future ends with an impressive simulation of a flight around the Burj Dubai. The Burj Dubai is one megaproject that is still very much a reality. We can’t wait to take the full tour and Time Out will be scaling the heights to bring you the highs and lows of the world’s tallest tower as soon as it opens. Until then you’ll have to enjoy the view from the uncompleted 155th floor.

3 Jaw-dropping volleys: If the mere idea of standing so high makes you feel queasy then feel sorry for the tennis players asked to play an exhibition match on the Burj Al Arab’s helipad. The rumoured $1million pocketed by Roger Federer and Andre Agassi for the pleasure probably would have made up for the fear though…

4 Atlantis rising: Jaw-dropping promotions and exhibitions in Dubai might have become the norm in recent years but the opening of the Atlantis hotel was something else. After re-watching the budget-busting firework display at the opening ceremony we think it was money well spent. We’d be prepared to chip in a few Dirhams if they could make it a weekly event.

5 Natural wonder: Of course, you don’t have to spend a fortune to impress us. Something as simple as snowfall can make for a good video. Especially when it is in the UAE. We love the fact that the guys in this video had the presence of mind to take a UAE flag and build a snowman as well. (We know this is actually outside of Dubai. But it is still the UAE and the snowfall is so rare we watch with interest)

6 Wheely dangerous: We can’t quite make out where this video is filmed wither but we’re pretty sure this is not legal. While we cannot endorse or approve of this driving in any way we do sometimes wish we could try something like this to get to the front of a traffic jam.

7 Is it a bird?: One or two people at Time Out Towers were actually taken in by this very clever hoax. Look around Youtube and you might still be able to see a few videos debunking the myth. We’re happy to forget the facts and marvel at the sight of a UFO flying over an unidentifiable part of Dubai.

8 Tripping in Dubai: Forget the fact that the internet may be the greatest educational tool invented by man, and rejoice in the fact that it has thousands of videos slipping, falling and tripping over. We really don’t want to laugh at the misfortune of others but this beauty from a recent GITEX exhibition did make us chortle.

9 Splashing time: To show that we’re not entirely bitter, twisted and despairing of our fellow humankind (honestly) here is a clip of somebody absolutely perfecting the flowboard ride at Wild Wadi. How come every time we’ve been our best attempts have lasted only five seconds before we get turned over and washed away? And because we can’t resist it – here is how it should not be done.

10 Strange sightings: Another intriguing hoaxed caused a minor sensation in Time Out Towers last year was the infamous dragon sightings in Dubai. We still don’t know what this was all about but the efforts some people go to are quite impressive. There were half a dozen video responses to these sightings of dragons but this was the most inspired. Completely shoddy production values and about as believable as a Japanese B-movie, but still charming.

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