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Meaningful moments for residents in the city's history

Dubai timeline
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1942 Spinneys was established in the UAE in Al Nasr Square, Deira. It was originally known as The Frozen Chicken because it launched the first chiller van selling frozen chickens.

1956 The first Jashanmal store opens in Dubai. The Late Rao Sahib Jashanmal had opened his very first general store in Basra, Iraq in

1919 He imported household goods, menswear, stationery, books and newspapers.

1963 Al Maktoum Bridge is completed and becomes the first bridge over the Creek.

1971 Dubai Country Club opens and, over the years, becomes a second home for thousands of citizens. It closed to make way for Meydan City in August 2007.

1973 Desert Springs compound opens – the beginning of many great gatherings at the Glue Pot pub.

1974 The first ever sailing races are held at Dubai Offshore Sailing Club. They still continue today (sewage issues notwithstanding).

1975 Safa Park opens as the city’s first park – apparently named after an author called Safa Michigan.

1976 Dubai International Seafarers Centre (DISC) is established on Mina Road and becomes a local institution.

1977 Jebel Ali Sailing Club launches – as well as Jebel Ali Social Club, which continues to serve fry-ups to this day, even though Jebel Ali Village has been evacuated.

1978 Ski Club (Dubai Water Sports Association) opens and becomes the social hub of Dubai expat life.

1978 The Red Lion, Dubai’s first pub, opens in the Metropolitan Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. It still has the very same carpet today (we’re just guessing).

1978 Lobo tailors opens its doors in Bur Dubai, and is one of the first in the now tailor-packed area.

1978 World Trade Centre is completed and is the tallest tower in Dubai and the first skyscraper on what’s now known as Sheikh Zayed Road.

1987 Sheriff’s Club opens at the Metropolitan and becomes the most popular new venue among expats. Today it has become The Rattlesnake.

1988 Emirates Golf Club, the first all-grass championship golf course in the entire Gulf region, opens, first heralded by a wooden sign in the middle of the desert.

1988 The George and Dragon pub opens in The Ambassador, one of Dubai’s earliest hotels, in Bur Dubai.

1989 The Lodge in Al Nasr Leisure-land becomes Dubai’s first ‘superclub’. It closes from 1998 to 2003, then closes again in 2006 and re-opens in 2007 as the Chi@the Lodge.

1993-1998 Defence Road is massively enlarged and renamed ‘Sheikh Zayed Road’. One of the roundabouts is named Defence in memory of the original road.

1997 Rock Bottom opens and new depths in clubbing are reached.

1997 Hard Rock Café opens. It is known to long-term residents as ‘the landmark that marked the very edge of Dubai’ – before the Marina arrived, that is.

1999 Burj Al Arab is completed and becomes well known, admired and synonymous with Dubai around the world.

2002 Chicago Beach Village is demolished. It was built in the early ’70s for oil workers and had been central to lives of many in the town. It is commemorated by the Madinat’s ‘Pierchic’ restaurant (at the end of a ‘pier’, off the old ‘Chicago’ Beach’).

2005 Ski Dubai opens and the world gasps.

2006 People begin to move to the Palm Jumeirah – now the world’s largest offshore residential development.

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