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Summer camps and Paris Hilton in Dubai. Here's the lowdown from those in the know, and those who just like guessing

The Knowledge
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Dubai seems to have gone summer camp crazy, which is no bad thing by us. It’s just the branding of these seasonal clubs that’s got us smirking. First up, we heard word of the ‘Confident Kids Club’ at Dubai Ladies’ Club. We couldn’t help but imagine rooms full of kids doing very ‘confident’ things: selling their skills, holding direct eye contact, talking very loudly. In fact, it’s aimed at six to 12-year-olds looking to develop their social, physical, intellectual and artistic abilities through things like music, art, fitness and health lessons. Hmmm.

But then yet another Dubai camp made us chuckle. Porsche Centre Abu Dhabi and the Emirates Driving Institute recently paired up to run the second Porsche Kids’ Driving School. And why not? We can’t see anything wrong in trying to combat the problem of reckless driving by educating kids from an early age – as well as introducing them to the allure of really fast cars.

Paris, je t’aime

We know where you live Paris Hilton. Or at least, we know where you’re staying in Dubai for the next few weeks – at the InterContinental with your boyfriend and father (we assume in separate rooms) from June 15, for four weeks. Over here to shoot her new show ‘Paris Hilton’s Best Friend Forever’, as the title suggests, she’ll be looking to find her NBFF over here, interviewing candidates at Festival City’s Four Seasons Golf Club on Saturday May 30 between 9am-3pm. Fancy your chances? Register at So, where would you take Paris if she was your bestie in this town? We think she’d rather like Dubliners, or maybe Bur Dubai’s The Music Room. Wish us luck!

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