25 Dubai proverbs

We've scratched our heads, asked our friends, and scratched our heads some more, to come up with these…

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1 Beware the man who uses indicators, for he is new to Dubai’s roads.

2 Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring a cardie to the mall.

3 There’s always room for another shawarma.

4 Never wear pale blue or beige on a hot day when you’re set to have a meeting.

5 Cleanliness of a taxi is inversely proportionate to the amount of time you have to spent in it.

6 It’s not officially summer until the first Modhesh is spotted.

7 Mundane events become news once a ribbon is cut.

8 Dessert at brunch goes in a different stomach.

9 You have no control over traffic, only over your tolerance levels.

10 Lie to me once – shame on you. Lie to me twice – never reading that paper again.

11 Red sky at night – shepherd’s delight. Red sky in the morning – Atlantis on fire.

12 The rain in Dubai falls mainly when relatives are visiting.

13 If you can afford to get tipsy, you can afford to tip taxi drivers.

14 Pedestrian crossings are dares, not suggestions.

15 If there’s no honk after five seconds at a green light the driver behind you has died.

16 Happy Hour isn’t quite so happy once you’ve made the currency conversion.

17 Hummous past its sell-by date can always make a good polyfiller substitute.

18 It never rains but it bores.

19 Dirhams will never truly stop feeling like Monopoly money.

20 Keep your eyes open, your mouth closed and your fingers on Facebook.

21 A fool and his money are soon parted. Some of the fools in Dubai have so much they barely notice.

22 Beware Fridays at the mall.

23 A cab at the door is worth two booked on the phone.

24 All that glitters is actually Swarovski.

25 Take care when confronted with green liquid in a glass – there will no doubt be consequences.

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