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Norman Jay
Norman Jay
Nasimi Full Moon Beach Party
Nasimi Full Moon Beach Party
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Lionel Richie
Lionel Richie
The Knowledge
Al Safa School Hall
Al Safa School Hall

Norman Jay
When it was announced that the iLL Communications nights would move from the Madinat Rooftop to The Warehouse, we were a bit worried. Would moving it down to the opposite end of the city lose its crowd? Would being only metres away from Alpha cause conflict? Thankfully it all worked out fine: the venue was packed (though The Warehouse’s club area is admittedly teeny) and everyone was geared up to party. And after chatting with fans in the restaurant below, Norman Jay – the nicest DJ in the world – took up his throne and spun a dancefloor-filling, genre-crossing set that stayed just on the right side of cheesy.
James Wilkinson

Nasimi Full Moon Beach Party
After the grilling that the last Full Moon Party got, we were all ready for a nightmare. But, this time around, the queues to enter the Atlantis venue were much smaller (though anyone who arrives after 11pm deserves what they get) and the wait at the bar was a mere 20 minutes compared to two hours last time. Here’s to the next one!

Whose Line Is It Anyway?
We’d seen the TV show so we knew what to expect (although, mercifully, it was minus Clive Anderson’s comb-over and buzzer). We recognised Stephen Frost – or, rather, his eyebrows – from the telly, as well as Richard Vranch (who played the music, but, yes, as he claimed in his interview with Time Out last week, he is actually very funny too). They were then joined by Andy Smart, Steve Steen and Ian Coppinger. It seems getting a bunch of top-quality comedians to muck about on stage at the audience’s command will always turn out the same – brilliant.
Caroline Garnar

Richie to the rescue
As if Lionel Richie wasn’t busy enough being a pop star, long-suffering dad to wild child daughter Nicole and general ladies’ man, it now appears he has a new role: unofficial peace envoy to the Middle East. If this is the case he might want to work on his diplomatic chat. ‘Search me. I don’t know what it is,’ he told one local news reporter last week when asked about his influence on the region during a chat about his new album, Just Go. ‘But to bring people together from both sides of the Middle Eastern conflict, well that just blows me away, if I can use the expression.’ Er, probably best not, Lionel.

Pasión fruit
‘Lots of exciting, sexy games in store for you,’ promised the flyer. Ladies and gentlemen, how could we resist? And so the Time Out team bundled into taxis on June 2 and headed off to the Renaissance Dubai Hotel for ‘La Pasión Filipina Fiesta’. And what a bizarre show it was. The authorities will be pleased to know that the games weren’t too risqué – a couple eating an apple on a string with only their mouths was the naughtiest thing. And Time Out triumphed over the competition from other mags, munching apples, breakdancing and strutting on the catwalk with aplomb. Sexy? Sadly not. But fun? Yes indeed! Fingers crossed these highly bizarre evenings might become regular events and open to all fruits and fruit lovers.

Indoor Flea Market

Breezy bargains
For the first time, Dubai’s monthly flea market is refusing to let the summer win and will not be shutting down for the season – it’s moving indoors instead. Air con wins again!

Al Safa School Hall is the new venue, where around 250 stalls will be selling everything from homewares to hardware, antiques to furniture, clothes to paintings, and DVDs to books. Wander around in the chilly indoor air and seek out some special treasures, or set up your own stall full of stuff you don’t need anymore and watch the cash roll in. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that.
Al Safa School Hall, June 12, 8am-3pm, Dhs3 entrance fee. For directions see For more information call 050 296 9680.

Drama Workshops Dubai

Deserts and aliens
Drama Workshops Dubai is offering a couple of new courses over the summer, so if you’re looking for something to do indoors that isn’t watching DVD box sets (or exhausting our Summer Survival Guide from TOD May 21-28, of course), this could be the answer. ‘The Desert Monologues’ is an ‘adult acting class’ for everyone from seasoned professionals to beginners. Then there’s the rather exciting sounding ‘Aliens Invade Dubai!’ for adults and teenagers. Participants will take part in various drama-based activities with a view to producing a radio play. Everyone welcome, just give them a call. Act out that summer madness.
Drama Workshops Dubai, Ductac, Mall of the Emirates, level 2. Call Tiffany on 050 986 1761 or email More info visit

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