My perfect week

Simon Parton, 52, manager, Logsdail London tailor’s tells all

The Knowledge

This is a chill-out evening for me, so a stroll in Satwa and a bite at one of the outdoor restaurants would be fine. The local atmosphere is relaxing and vibrant.

l enjoy a walk along the beach most early mornings. It’s a short walk from my Jumeirah home so I love to take advantage of it.

This is often a movie night for me. I enjoy going to Mercato to see the latest films – it’s a great small cinema and, again, close to home.

I was at Al Al Hadheerah, Bab al Shams recently. It’s wonderful to escape the city for an evening and enjoy a small taste of Arabia. It’s also a great place to take your visitors from home, too.

The weekend starts here! I’d head down to the Madinat and decide where to eat. Left Bank wins a lot; it’s got good food and great music. Then I’d head to a new place – Roberto Cavalli’s club was an exciting recent discovery.

I’d have a lazy start, followed by brunch. Recently I enjoyed a great one at the Marina Restaurant.

I’d head off to Legends at the Dubai Creek Golf Club. It has a soothing atmosphere and wonderful steaks!

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