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The Knowledge
The Knowledge
Got your goat

We wish we had a picture to prove a sighting we made last week was for real. A man was walking a goat along the sand on Jumeirah Open Beach in full sight of a watching policeman – who didn’t seem interested in stopping him, even though pets are prohibited. Instead, the goat hopped along happily beside the man and even had the occasional dip when his master did. But this wasn’t the most surprising part of the tale. On closer inspection we realised that the chap was clearly fond of his behooved friend, as the goat was sporting diamante earrings. Honestly. Sadly we didn’t have a camera, so you’re going to have to take our word for it. We swear we’re not lying. Although perhaps we did have a touch of sunstroke.

Animal all-nighter

Word recently reached us that the Al Ain Wildlife Park And Resort will be open until 10pm during the summer so that people can visit during the cooler evening hours. We thought it was a good idea until we read the rather startling press release: ‘Exhibits are lit with spotlights to reveal the beasts lurking in the shadows.’ And it went on to explain that the animals ‘had been acclimatised behind the scenes to ensure they are wide awake for their nocturnal visitors’. Does anybody else feel slightly sorry for the poor creatures? Having torches shone in your face every five minutes in the middle of the night is surely not the most pleasant way to spend a summer.

What recession?

Some folks really aren’t affected by the global credit crunch. Word reaches us that the first lady of a former USSR republic went on a Hermès shopping spree in Dubai that set her back seven digits. She apparently bought eight of the store’s new crocodile pink, diamond-studded Birkin bags. Five minutes later another VIP (who shall remain nameless) came into the store and dropped six digits on accessories. How the other half live…

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