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Fathers Day is Sunday, June 21. Here’s what to do with dad to make him feel special

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Yes, you do have to celebrate Fathers Day. Dad might not want flowers, but he’ll feel very left out if you don’t make him feel special. Try these boys bonding ideas…

Paintball: Forget going to yet another action flick! It’s time to get a taste of the real thing and take dad along with you. The skills needed here are: Stealth, agility, accuracy, teamwork and most importantly, a good sense of humor. Nothing quite gets the adrenaline pumping like knowing you're cornered, the team is 'dead' and the 'enemy' outnumber you 3 to 1! Whether you prefer the suave & smooth hunting style of Bond, or you go into the gung-ho, in-your-face Battle mode that rivals Rambo- this activity is the closest you'll come to living the adventures of these fictional heroes. So suit up, cock back that Spyder VS1 and get ready for action. A word of warning- this is not for the faint of heart, or sore losers!

Quad Biking: There are few ways to feel more free, than jumping on one of these 300 CC beauties and zooming off into the open desert, with dad in tow. Stress will be whipped away with the wind hitting your face, and your sense of adventure will be re-discovered. Just try not to tip the thing over, turning it upright on one's own can be an arduous task! The fun is indeed multiplied when you have your friends racing by your side, but be sure to keep the messing about to a minimum- though Quad Bikes may be small, colliding with your favourite father at 30 MPH is hardly going to be a pleasant experience.

Indoor Sport: So you and your dad wanna pick up a new hobby that's both fun AND healthy? This is actually NOT as tough as it may sound, believe it or not! A good weekend routine should include a couple of hours spent partaking in some indoor sport. It offers a cool reprise from the heat of the day, as well as a fun way to keep fit. Which sport you choose will depend on the number of your group, as well as individual taste. A game of squash will help hone your reactionary speed, hand-eye coordination and acceleration. Table tennis is a good option for those not looking to get too dirty; it is a simple, yet engrossing game that requires concentration and deft wrist/arm movement. If you're riding with a larger crew, go for a team-based sport like football, basketball or hockey. With a little advance planning, you can make boring weekends a thing of the past...

The Park: If you're feeling particularly active, and don't feel like sitting inside after those long hours at work, why not grab a few friends and hit the park? This is not only the most economical option on the list, but also the most flexible! Your options once inside are all in your hands: Most parks have special areas for sport, barbeque, cycling and more. Snacks will be available for when your feeling hungry, or better yet bring your own munch with you. It’ll be hot, but if you leave it until sundown, you and dad can BBQ to your heart’s content, without melting.

Water sports: Feeling the urge to cool off? Then rent a kayak and hit the waves! This is a good activity for a late weekend morning. Kayaking isn't the easiest of sports to pick up, but once you get the hang of it you will enjoy yourself. Rates for rent are fairly reasonable, but will vary by seasonal demand. If you are feeling more energized, your group can take turns jet skiing! The options are vast when it comes to watersport, and you can narrow them down by: The amount of pre-planning required, average time spent on the activity, expertise requirement and pricing.

Network Gaming: OK, so you want to do something that doesn't take any physical exertion whatsoever, because work just emptied your tank (nice excuse). Then head down to your nearest Network gaming cafe. Grab a high speed PC for as little as 7 DHs/hour, load up that game of Counterstrike, and let them have it! Hone your valuable(?) skills of mouse pointing, keyboard bashing and swearing at meaningless occurences, and have a brilliant time doing it. If you feel hungry after a marathon 100-player killing spree, you can even order food and drinks to your table through the computer. Oh, I should mention that this is a dangerously addictive activity, as these places are often darker than Buffalo Bills basement. Make it a point that you or dad decides a time to leave, or you can kiss the day goodbye!

Bowling: This is an ideal game for a group of 2-8 so bring dad and any other family and friends with you. A game including aspects of luck, skill and trash talk, and you don't even break a sweat playing- what's there not to love?! Compete to see who can maintain the highest score...

Diving: Up for a little road trip this Friday? If one of you is willing to drive the distance, you and dad should check out the coast. There is a large variety of marine life that is there to be observed, and there is something special about seeing sharks and sea turtles roaming in their natural habitat- a feeling that simply cannot be replicated by any aquarium, no matter the size!

Sports Bar: Big game tonight? Forget any plans, assuming you’re over 21, you’re taking dad to the pub. Whether your Red, Blue, Green, Purple or Yellow at heart, you stick to one indispensable principle: Some things in life are just too important to miss, and your team is up there in the list. Sure, you could sit and watch the game in the comfort of your own home, but where's the real fun in that?! You get to watch the game on massive screens, take part in witty banter/chanting with rival fans and soak in the atmosphere of collective despair/joy.

The Autodrome: For The ultimate high speed thrills, both in terms of viewing and participation- look no further. If you are looking for a faster experience than Quad Biking can offer, coupled with a race-oriented scenario, then you need to bring your friends down here this weekend. Featuring massive indoor and outdoor tracks, the kartdrome is the ultimate in racing thrills. There is additionally a list of powerful sport cars you have the option of sampling for a couple of laps. Maybe you guys aren't up for going behind the wheel? The Autodrome is the location of choice when it comes to professional racing competitions and demonstrations in the Gulf, and there is usually something happening on a weekly basis. Alternatively, you can try you hand in the Laserdrome- The fun of paintball, without the tension of getting blasted by a 300 feet-per-second round. Teach your friends a lesson, without inflicting pain!

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