Paris in the summer

Do friendships last forever? Will Milner brings together two of Dubai’s
biggest brands this summer

The Knowledge

One of the advantages of not being six years old anymore is that I don’t have to know who my best friend is. It is not the only advantage. Not being dependent on a tooth fairy for income and the knowledge that I’ll never have to climb trees for entertainment again are also big reliefs.

Twenty five years ago, however, things were very different. A best friend was the most important person in the world and you had to know precisely who it was. For me it was normally the kid who helped me eat my sweets after I’d fallen out of a tree and knocked out a tooth.

Friendships were easily made back then. A shared interest in football or similar views on the best crisp flavours would be enough to form a brotherhood. Nowadays things are slightly more complex, although your football team and crisp preferences are still important.

Still, things could be worse – at least I don’t have to fl y halfway around the world with a TV crew and a whirlwind of publicity to find mates. Unless you’ve been stuck in a lift for the last few weeks you must have noticed that Paris Hilton is in Dubai searching for a new BFF. That’s a Best Friend Forever to you and me.

It seems that the glamorous lifestyle of the millionaire heiress prevents Paris from developing an everlasting bond. What she needs is MTV cameramen and a shortlist of candidates to help her break the ice.

Her quest has captured the imagination of Dubai, with the reality TV star’s every move tracked by gawping tourists and panting journalists, but all Paris wants is to find a friend to call her own.

Unfortunately, she has been hurt before. This is not the first time Paris has starred in a BFF TV series. The first winner and Paris are apparently no longer on speaking terms and I’m starting to really worry that she will be lonely forever. She needs our help, people of Dubai.

She will only be with us for a few weeks, so Paris will need a pal who will certainly be here all summer. Somebody who likes shopping, always has a big smile and open arms to new friendships. I think Modhesh might be the ideal candidate.

A better pairing you could not hope to find: they are both the very public face of their own gigantic retail and leisure brand; they both put their name to a massive range of products; they’re both popular with the young and misunderstood by older generations; they both love Dubai.

Modhesh can be Paris Hilton’s MTV DSF BFF and I am sure they will be very happy together – as long as the tabloids leave them alone.

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