A survivor’s story

Will Pike was left paralysed after he jumped from his hotel room window to escape last year’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai. You can help him rebuild his life…

The Knowledge

Will’s friend Lucy Wildman lives and works in Dubai. Along with Kelly Doyle, Will’s girlfriend who was with him in Mumbai, they’re trying to raise money to care for Will. Here is their story.

On the night of November 27, Kelly and Will were spending the last night of their holiday in The Taj Palace, Mumbai – which was to be the focus of the horrific terrorist attack that killed hundreds of innocent people.

Kelly and Will were trapped in their bedroom on the third floor of the hotel as terrorists rampaged through the building, detonating bombs and executing guests as they went.

With no other means of escape, after three hours Kelly and Will managed to break through their toughened glass bedroom window and planned to climb down a makeshift rope they had made of knotted sheets and curtains to safety below.

Will went first to make sure their ‘rope’ was safe. But the knotted sheets unravelled as he was climbing down, and Will fell 50 feet to the ground, shattering his pelvis, breaking both arms and smashing his bottom three vertebrae.

After numerous operations in Mumbai and the UK, Will is now in a wheelchair, and is unlikely to ever walk again. He’s 28.

According to the couple, the British Government have done nothing to help and haven’t contacted them since the attacks occurred almost nine months ago, leaving them to pick up the pieces of their lives without any help or funding.

The cost of Will’s care for the rest of his life, including rehabilitation, physiotherapy, home help, domestic alterations and loss of earnings amongst other things have been estimated to total around 3 million UK pounds. However, because Will was injured in a terrorist attack outside of his own country, his travel insurance policy does not cover any of these costs.

Worse still, while British law entitles visitors to our country involved in terrorists attacks compensation of up to 500,000 pounds, a British person injured in an attack abroad is entitled no nothing. No help whatsoever.

The couple has been left to cope on their own, with no assistance, despite the fact that they were involved in something that was totally out of their control. The Indian Government is not obliged to pay any compensation either, regardless of the fact it took place in their country.

Will and Kelly are now trying to lobby the British government to change this law, so that British people injured in a terrorist attack abroad are compensated and given financial assistance to cope with their injuries. Changing this law is vital – because right now, any British person travelling abroad who happens to become involved in a terrorist attack will receive no help from the government. And that means you and me and every one of our loved ones.

This is the shocking reality – and what has happened to Will could happen to you.

While Kelly and Will fight to change the law, they have set up an appeal to help raise money for Will’s care, and increase awareness and support of their cause.

“Money is tight for us all now, but any small contribution you could make to Will’s fund will make a real difference to him and Kelly, who now face a shattered future and immeasurable hardships in the future,” says Lucy as she prepares to raise money for Will and Kelly with the help of her friends in Dubai.

She adds; “I am planning to organise some kind of charity event this year in Dubai to try and raise money for Will’s appeal, but if you could donate anything in the meantime, I’d be enormously grateful.”

Please click on the link below where you can find out more about Will and Kelly’s story, and their battle with the British Government – and how you can help them to try and overcome the horrendous event that changed their lives forever.

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