25 to try: Relaxing Saturday fun

How do you spend your Saturday afternoons? Here are our 25 favourite ways to spend precious down time in Dubai

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1 Saturday roast at Nineteen (04 363 1275). Nowhere on Earth does better roast spuds. Fact.

2 Loafing on the sofa at Waxy O’Conner’s (04 352 0900), watching the football match triple bill on Showsports. The new season starts on August 15. Get in.

3 Inviting some mates round to participate in a DVD boxset bonanza. It’s less slobbish if you do it with company.

4 Sitting on a step in one of JBR’s huge pools, reading the afternoon away while semi-submerged.

5 Sundowners at Barasti (04 399 3333) – live and sports screens music upstairs, chilled beats, beds and the beach downstairs.

6 It may be sad, but food shopping. Carrefour is so much quieter on a Saturday.

7 Mooching around Satwa, grabbing street food and soaking up the unique, bustling vibe.

8 Endless poolside card games.

9  Breakfast at More Café (04 283 0224) – Dhs70 for all the pastry you can laze over.

10 Watching the telly, with a couple of boiled eggs and some soldiers for dipping. Ideally, this would be made by someone else. Probably our mum.

11 Lounging in the former lifeguard’s tower that we’ve converted into our own private beach hut. And no, we’re not telling you where it is.

12 Renting a boat in Za’abeel Park, then floating round the lake for hours and hours.

13 Doing a crossword. With a pencil at a jaunty angle behind our ear.

14 Catching up with friends over a home-cooked meal and having genuine, conversations for a change.

15 Visiting utterly pointless websites, such as www.zombo.com.

16 Going for a long evening walk along one of the free beaches, or just around our neighbourhood (with water, obviously).

17 Yes, it’s very sad. But catching up on work, while no one else’s in the office. Peace at last!

18 Writing those long-put-off emails back home. Or, even better, handwritten letters.

19 Reading international Sunday papers – cover to cover.

20 Kayaking off Kite Beach. There’s a great community with all the kite surfers, surf skiers and now slidey footballers. Watersports unite!

21 Diving in Fujairah. It can inspire existential thoughts. Although perhaps that’s due to a lack of airflow.

22 Buying up fruit and veg from the market in Deira before 7pm, and saving dozens of dirhams in the process.

23 Nesting. By this we mean throwing out clutter, putting up pictures and photos. Anything to make our rented homes feel more like ours.

24 Posing at Soluna in Mina A’Salam’s Layali tent (04 366 6730), from 5pm. Who says Saturdays are always for dressing down?

25 Lying in bed all day long. Blissful, lazy, indulgent lethargy.
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