New Dubai facelift

Patients can go back to work two days after the new 45 minute procedure

A Dubai-based plastic surgeon is offering image conscious fortysomethings a face lift procedure in just 45 minutes.

Dr Luiz Toledo said the Silhouette Lift is performed under local anaesthetic, which removes the need of a hospital stay and radically cuts recovery time.

"I am sure it will become very popular for women, as well as for men. It is performed under local anesthesia in less than an hour and there is a fast recovery with minimal swelling and only light bruising for the patients. This is a rejuvenating technique that can postpone the need for a facelift," he said.

Patients are able to go back to normal activities within two days and their face will recover and appear natural in two weeks, Toledo said.

The procedure is available for people over 40. Small cuts are made above the hairline and the face tissue is lifted with the help of new surgical sutures, which give greater lift and tension.

"The Silhouette sutures are the most innovative sutures to date. They are not barbed which avoids any tissue damage and thanks to small re-absorbable cones which anchor themselves in deep tissue, a tension is produced which lifts the sagging tissue," said Toledo.

"The fibrosis around the suture produces a much stronger suspension mechanism than the traditional methods I have used over the past six years."

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