Competition entrants seek to create a Michael Jackson-shaped island in Dubai

A global competition to design a fitting memorial to pop star Michael Jackson has seen three entries proposing a new Jackson-shaped island off the coast of Dubai.

The design competition, launched by US architecture and design website Architect and its sister site Bustle, attracted a total of 158 entries from fans across the world.

Three of them centred around building a new island near Dubai similar to The World and Palm Jumeirah.

By Steven Ward (Louisville
In tribute to Michael Jackson, Dubai's most spectacular artificial island development to date will capture Jackson's signature pose in profile. From the tip of The Palm Jumeirah development, The King of Pop will extend an additional 25km into the Gulf, adding hundreds of kilometres of new shoreline to the Dubai waterfront and thousands of opportunities for Jackson's legacy to inspire exciting new residential, leisure and entertainment centers in a variety of settings.

Jackson Island
By eigenvectors (NYC)

Michael Jackson's iconic dance moves are recognisable as the earth's map or a palm tree. The Michael Jackson Memorial Island would be placed off the coast of Dubai next to the other man made islands. The island would include an airport, hotel, amusement parks, and many ranches.

Jackson Islands
By zsuzsanna (Vienna-Budapest)

Dubai has been the place of architectural miracles, whose achievements are visible even from outer Space. None of the existing constructions will, however, be comparable in monumentality to the new Jackson islands. With a size of 10 by 15km, the islands are formed after the lines of Michael Jackson's face. His face, an enclosed bay, is turning towards the continent. Unlike all the other islands in Dubai, these ones are artificial hills, reaching a peak of 3,776 metres (the height of the Fuji Mount).

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