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Good news as retailers urged to accept returned goods

Dubai officials have launched a new campaign targeting retailers in the city who do not accept or exchange returned goods.

The initiative by the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Division at the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DEDaims to change the stance of some retailers who refuse to take back or change products previously sold to customers.

Officials say their stance does not comply with Federal Law No 24 of 2006 in respect of protection of consumers, Article (5).

"Dubai has positioned itself as the shopping capital of the region and is recognised as the major shopping destination for high quality products and global brands. Hence, it is important to ensure that customers receive the best possible service in order to ensure satisfaction and loyalty," said Mohammed Hilal Al Muroushedi, CEO, Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Division, DED.

"The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Division at DED is keen to support consumers' rights and make sure that stores are abiding by the rules and regulations in that matter."

Article (5), he said, stipulates that the supplier is required to return or exchange the goods in the event of any defect discovered by the consumer.

But some retailers refuse to deal with customers on sold items, a statement from DED said, and these will be targeted by inspectors as part of a campaign to also ensure that retailers display prices clearly and in the local currency.

He said: "We are now targeting salons to guarantee their commitment to display the prices. Our campaign has already covered 1,000 salons out of 2,700."

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