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Smelly taxis a thing of the past with new cab deodorant

All taxis in Dubai are now fitted with a deodorant in a bid to improve customer satisfaction after reports of "smelly taxicabs".

A statement from Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTCon Thursday said every one of its 3,503 taxis have been fitted with a natural smelling deodorant.

"Dubai Taxi Corporation has opted to install deodorants with natural fragrance and place them below cabby's seat and will last for one month from the date of installation," Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, director of DTC Fleet Operations Department.

"This natural scent has undergone a three-month test involving over 350 vehicles of Dubai Taxi fleet, and the material proved effective in removing odours and spreading a pleasant sweet-scented smell in the vehicle's interior.

"The success of this material has been measured in customer satisfaction surveys about the smells of taxicabs; particularly at Dubai International Airport," he said.

"RTA in general and DTC in particular are engaged in discussions with the suppliers of Dubai Taxi vehicles about the smelly cabs," he added.

DTC said it made every effort to ensure taxis were clean, including changing the air-conditioning filters every three months and cleaning the seats and interior.

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