Dubai slows down

Speed limit cushion set to drop for Dubai buses, taxis

The speed limit cushion at which radars will flash speeding vehicles is set to be reduced by 10km/hr from the existing 20km/hr, it was reported on Monday.

The new rule, which is due to be introduced in November, will apply to trucks, buses and taxis only and police chiefs said they expect the move to result in a 10 percent drop in serious accidents.

In comments published by Khaleej Times, Brigadier Mohammed Saif Al Zafin said the reduction was designed to reduce road deaths caused by speeding.

From November, if the speed limit on a road is 100km/hr, the fixed and mobile radars will register on the computer vehicles travelling at 111km/hr instead of at 120km/hr.

He told the paper: "Reducing the radar control speed limit will decrease serious accidents by 10 percent during the next coming months."

He said that 22 people died in incidents involving mini buses, 16 died in pickup caused accidents while 24 died in heavy trucks mishaps in 2008. Deaths involving taxis numbered 38.

Zafin said the lack of driving discipline and speeding were the main causes for the accidents.

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