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14 Dubai taxi drivers face fines for 'endangering life'

Fourteen taxi drivers were caught driving recklessly and "endangering human life" during a week-long undercover investigation by transport chiefs in Dubai.

The Roads and Transport Authority has revealed that the drivers now face disciplinary action, which could include fines and a warning but will not result in them losing their jobs.

Mansoor Rahma Al Falasi, acting director of Franchising and Monitoring Department at RTA Public Transport Agency, said the overall result of the campaign was positive, with fewer complaints received from customers.

A team of 24 RTA employees monitored and reported on the performance of drivers during the week. They noted the licence plate number of any taxi that failed to stop to pick up a fare, he added.

"The campaign has yielded positive results as reflected in the reduction of the total number of recorded offences against drivers, and the drop in public complaints from cab drivers refusing to serve them," Al Falasi said in a statement.

"With taxi drivers now tending to be more responsive to serving passengers, it is observed that there are less passengers waiting for taxis at taxi ranks on public roads," he added.

The inspections, which took place came in response to a growing number of complaints regarding the city's taxi services and plans are afoot to extend them to the bus service in Dubai.

The campaign covered all areas of Dubai, and included areas from which complaints had been received from the public through the RTA call centre.

Al Falasi said the RTA would continue to work "towards tracking down" rogue taxi drivers who refuse to pick up passengers and drive dangerously.

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