Burj Khalifa impact

Burj Khalifa shows UAE economy is robust - Dubai ruler

Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has said the launching of Burj Khalifa was proof that "UAE is a strong country thanks to its leadership, people, economy and infrastructure".

He said the completion of the world's tallest tower, which topped out at 828 metres and was opened in spectacular fashion at a fireworks ceremony on Monday night, showed that the country was "robust" and able to "confront any challenge".

Sheikh Mohammed added: "Is there a financial crisis? The answer is yes, there is a global crisis that we did not create but we could not avoid since it was imposed on us.

"We are part of this world and we cannot shield ourselves and our economy from (the impact ofthe crisis that caused more damages to the world's economic superpowers than it did to us," he said in comments published by news agency WAM on Tuesday.

Sheikh Mohammed noted that huge projects were still being developed in the UAE, particularly in Abu Dhabi.

"This is yet another proof that our national economy is robust and that our leadership, institutions and private sector are capable of surmounting difficulties and confronting challenges with resolution, fearlessness and confidence," he said.

"We are able to confront any challenge or crisis, regardless of their magnitude...True leaders prove themselves by the way the deal with crises.

"Thanks to Allah the Almighty, we have the will power, the wise leadership, the strong belief in Allah the Almighty, the faith in our people's capabilities and the patience when the things get hard."

He added: "Let's see which of the world's economies will rise again and shake off the dust first. Let's wait and see."

Dubai renamed the 200-storey building, previously known as the Burj Dubai, in honour of the ruler of Abu Dhabi.

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