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ENOC to charge extra for fuel pump attendants from middle of 2010...

Dubai-dwellers are one step closer to some much-needed exercise.

From the middle of this year, ENOC petrol stations will no longer fill up your car for you, unless you want to pay extra.

Customers using the new self service offering will pay a flat rate for their fuel but those still wanting to use an attendant will have to pay extra, the company said on Thursday without saying what the cost would be.

ENOC said the self-serve concept for motorists would "bring about time and cost efficiencies and also reduce the waiting time at the service stations" in a statement.

The company added that it was considering the implementation of the self-serve concept as an option across its network of 170 service stations in Dubai and the Northern Emirates by the end of the first half of 2010.

Some of its employees currently involved in attending to customers at service stations may be transferred to other service stations in line with the company's expansion across the UAE while other may also be trained for other careers within the company.

"The group is looking at providing motorists the choice to fill up petrol on their own and pay at normal retail prices, or use the full-serve option by attendants at an additional fee," the statement added.

According to ENOC, the move "is in keeping with international trends and offering customers greater convenience" and follows the results of a pilot scheme held in 2008.

"By learning from global best practices and integrating these into its local petroleum retailing business, EPPCO/ENOC hopes to benefit customers and the UAE community at large," it added.

The company said it has recently invested AED50 million to "modernise and automate all its service stations, and enhance customer service, operational efficiency and environmental performance".

Services at the revamped stations will be managed from a remote facility, saving time and introducing new ‘interactive' features for customers at the fuel pump. The new systems will be fully operational within the first half of 2010, the company said.

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