UAE job cuts

Employees still concerned over job security - survey

More than 80 percent of people who took part in the latest Arabian Business poll think the job market has not turned a corner and started to improve with the beginning of the New Year.

Following a difficult 2009, characterised by redundancies and cut backs as companies struggled amid the global economic crisis, there has been anticipation the jobs market would begin to see improvements in early 2010.

Last week, a survey by recruitment firm Robert Half said less than a third of employees in Dubai awere concerned that they will lose their jobs as confidence re-emerged in the job market.

The poll revealed that 20 percent more people felt safe in their jobs, compared to 2009 when the impact of the global economic crisis hit the emirate hard.

The survey also showed that more than a quarter of employees actually experienced a positive effect of the downturn, seeing an increase in their salary or benefits during 2009.

But the latest Arabian Business online poll tells a different story with 72.6 percent of workers saying they are not feeling more confident about job security now they are into 2010.

A further 16.2 percent of people said the employment market, and with it job security, would not improve until the middle of this year.

Only 7.7 percent of respondents said they were feeling confident about job security, saying more jobs were now being advertised.

And just 3.5 percent of people said they felt completely secure, having been promoted and given a pay rise.

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