UAE tops world's most expensive number plate list

37 Abu Dhabi plates in the list of the world top 50

Abu Dhabi dominates a global list of the most expensive car registration number plates ever sold, according to a list compiled by Regtransfers website, the UK’s largest independent dealer in personalised number plates.

Buyers from the UAE capital account for 37 of the top 50 most expensive plates ever sold. The 37 Abu Dhabi buyers listed in the rankings collectively spent Dhs222.9m ($60.6m.

Top of the list is the Dhs3.2m for plate 24 in Abu Dhabi while the highest outside the UAE was $901,000 for plate 33 in Hong Kong.

Here is the countdown to the top 10 plates ever sold.

Plate: 24
Buyer: Abu Dhabi
Cost: Dhs3.2m ($871,174m)

Plate: 33
Buyer: Hong Kong
Cost: HKD7m ($900,977)

Plate: 19
Buyer: Abu Dhabi
Cost: Dhs3.35m ($912,010)
Bought: September 2010

Plate: 66
Buyer: Abu Dhabi
Cost: Dhs3.35m ($912m010)

Plate: 42
Buyer: Abu Dhabi
Cost: Dhs2.4m ($925,622)
Bought: June 2009

Plate: 88
Buyer: Abu Dhabi
Cost: Dhs4.2m ($1,143,416)

Plate: 2
Buyer: Hong Kong
Cost: HKD9.5m ($1,222,754)

Plate: 10
Buyer: Abu Dhabi
Cost: Dhs4.5m ($1,225,089)

Plate: 45
Buyer: Abu Dhabi
Cost: Dhs5m ($1,361,210)

Plate: 16
Buyer: Abu Dhabi
Cost: Dhs6m ($1,633,452)

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