Golden ticket bonanza

Win free VVIP tickets to see Pete Tong at the Time Out Dubai Nightlife awards after-party

It started as a daft idea, the kind of idea you throw out at the end of the meeting when everyone’s packing away their stuff and planning a quick exit to the coffee machine. The kind of idea which you think might work, but know you can pass off as a harmless joke should it fail to hit the mark. The End Of Meeting Idea.

The meeting in question concerned the Time Out Nightlife Awards, one of the most hotly contested events in the Dubai calendar, and boasting a line-up so scorching hot the normally calm Time Out team where starting to worry about seat allocation. It was happening at the super cool Cavalli Club. Pete Tong would be playing the after party.

It couldn’t get any bigger, surely?

And then someone (names shall be withheld at this juncture due to a slight disagreement on who actually suggested it. However, Barry in accounts, it wasn’t you, so stop it) said the words “What about a golden ticket, hidden in 20 magazines, spread out over Dubai, that allows a lucky reader and friend VVIP (just like VIP, but with added V) access to the after party? There was a long silence, and then, just like that, BOOM, it happened: the boss picked up the phone, called the Golden Ticket printers (who admittedly hadn’t been doing much since the Wonka rush of 71) and ran off 20, crisp, VVIP tickets.

Then we blindfolded the intern, and made him place them between the freshly printed pages of the new issues of Time Out, and sent those issues out to random, undisclosed supermarkets across Dubai. They will be on sale from Thursday, February 17.

Not even we know where they are so make sure to get your copy early before somebody else snaps up the golden tickets.

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