Fuel stations run dry across Dubai

‘Some pumps have been dry for three days’, according to workers

Motorists are being turned away from petrol stations across Dubai as fuel supplies run low.

Pumps are drying up after outlets failed to receive fresh supplies, according to reports in The National.

Workers said shortages had been ongoing for the past three days.

It is the second time in eight months that the city has been hit by fuel shortages after Emarat cited “technical problems in the logistics supplies of gasoline product in the major reservoirs” in September.

Reports from frustrated motorists began appearing on social networking website Twitter yesterday evening.

Alice Haine tweeted: "So there r 2 petrol stations off SZR without any petrol - pretty funny considering everyone describes the Emirates as 'oil rich'."

Christopher Saul said on the site: "Looks like Dubai's Emarat petrol stations have run out of petrol! Interesting."

And Chezziebird's tweet read: "Well I did say to the man at the first garage 'how can you run out of petrol this is where it grows?!' ONLY in Dubai hey?!"

A spokesman for the company declined to comment.

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If you know where fuel is still being sold in Dubai, leave a comment below.

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