Dubai news round-up: June 23

Dubai Summer Surprises launch, clowns helping pregnancy rate in Dubai, Lush co-founder in Dubai to launch store and more …

We know how busy you are, but you still need to know what’s happening in Dubai.

To save you a little precious time, we’ve read the papers so you don’t have to...

Millions in prize money, hefty shopping discounts, endless fun and entertainment and the return of that precious yellow fur ball called Modhesh can only mean another year of Dubai Summer Surprises is ready to kick off in style.

Tonight’s opening ceremony at the waterfall area in The Dubai Mall at 7.30pm will present the 14 th edition of the summer festival, which runs until... Laser displays, sound shows, and a host of entertainment activities are in store for all those who make their way through the crowds.
Full story: Emirates 24/7

We've heard of laughter being the best medicine but medical clowns? Well, a private medical clinic in Dubai actually employs the services of professional clowns to treat In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) patients.

"IVF procedures can be very stressful. Studies have shown that clowns can help increase the pregnancy rate among patients by 50 per cent," said Dr Mira Bajirova, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the private Euromed Clinic on Jumeirah Beach Road.
Full story: Gulf News

Like so many little girls, Rowena Bird’s first foray into fragrance came when she tried mixing flower petals with water in her garden. Back then the only person who dared sniff her creations was her mother.

How things change. Today, the British beauty therapist and co-founder of Lush was in town this week to launch the store’s Dubai Mall branch.
Full story: 7DAYS

When Mira Mohammed wants to look elegant and make an impression, she puts on an abaya and sheela. "You can look great in just 10 minutes," says Ms Mohammed, 27, who is of Palestinian-Lebanese origin.

Dr Suaad Zayed Al Oraimi, an Emirati sociologist at United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain, says she sees all kinds of nationalities adopting UAE traditions and dress.
Full story: The National

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