Dubai news round-up: July 14

Parking lot scams in Dubai revealed, Dhs152,000 in parking fines, 831 bicycles seized and more …

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If you haven't been a victim of a parking lot scam yet - count yourself lucky.

Parking lots have become the favourite haunt of scamsters looking to con the gullible. XPRESS picks out the top five rip-offs you may come across during Ramadan and provides tips on how to spot and avoid them
Full story: Gulf News

A 35-year-old Emirati woman’s fines to the Dubai Traffic Department for violations has amounted to Dhs152,000.

Major Ahmed Al Ially, head of the Violations Follow-up Section, said that the police confiscated the car of a Emirati woman for accumulation of violations and non-payment of fines
Full story: Khaleej Times

The Dubai Police seized 831 bicycles in Dubai in a span of 12 days last month, vowing to continue confiscating them if the riders failed to observe rules and regulations.

Among the rules and regulations the Director of Traffic Department at the Dubai Police, Maj. Gen. Eng. Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen mentioned as “wearing reflective jackets, helmets, sticking reflectors at the front and rear of the bicycles, observing traffic laws and obeying the police.”
Full story: Gulf Today

Many of Dubai's estimated 2 million inhabitants leave their air-conditioning running 24/7, shrugging off tips from Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) for electricity and water conservation.

Dubai's non-stop running air-conditioners help drive the emirate's summer peak demand per person to more than three times that of Spain -- where cooling demand from its 47 million citizens has also surged over the last decade in scorching summers on the Iberian Peninsula.
Full story: Reuters

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