Dubai news round-up: July 26

Free Ramadan workshop in Dubai. the date is a part of UAE’s heritage, Dubai employees can’t muster a smile until 11.16am and more …

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A free workshop on ‘Ramadan etiquette and cultural awareness’ will be hosted by the Eton Institute in Dubai as unique cultural evenings at the institute will focus on Arab culture and lifestyle.

Ramadan in the UAE is a deeply cultural experience and members of the country’s large expatriate population often find themselves curious and fascinated by the religious observance, making the holy month the ideal time to learn the culture, traditions and the poetic Arabic language in order to better understand the profoundly traditional customs of the region.
Full story: Khaleej Times

The date palm, in Emirati culture, is more than just a fruit-producing tree. It is a part of the country's identity and heritage.

There are currently over 44 million date palms in the UAE that can be grouped under 199 different varieties and together produce 76,000 tonnes of fruit every year, a date palm expert said.
Full story: Gulf News

Most office employees find the start of the working week so demoralising that they cannot even bear to crack a smile until almost afternoon, new research showed Monday.

In fact, the research claims to have cracked the code on how long it takes on average to crack our first smile in office at the beginning of the week – it’s 11.16am on Monday. For employees in Dubai and elsewhere in the region, that would be 11.16am on Sundays or Saturdays, depending on your weekend.
Full story: Gulf News

For most people washing your car involves a bucket of soapy water, a sponge and chamois leather.

But for some drivers with top of the range sports cars that simple method just doesn't cut it.

Now though, those owners can treat their Ferrari, Lamorghinis and Aston Martins to ultimate all-star treatment - a £10,000 'car spa' which is the world's most expensive car wash.
Full story: The Daily Mail

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