David Guetta considers working with Justin Bieber

Superstar DJ says Bieber has the ‘potential’ to become a ‘credible’ artist

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Celebrity DJ David Guetta would not rule out collaborating with Justin Bieber – but said the teen star has some way to go before he’s ready.

See pictures of Justin Bieber's Dubai concert here.
See pictures of David Guetta's Dubai concert here.

The French hitmaker behind ‘Without You’ added that Bieber has the ‘potential’ to one day become a ‘credible artist’.

The comments came as the two chart sensations went head-to-head at gigs in Dubai, and amid rumours Bieber would attend Guetta’s sell out show on Atlantis Beach on Friday May 3.

A day later Bieber enraged fans by turning up two hours late for his sell-out at The Sevens Stadium. With a second 25,000-capacity concert on Sunday May 5, Bieber’s UAE debut is described as the biggest event the country has ever seen.

When asked by Time Out if he would ever consider collaborating with the Canadian star, Guetta answered ‘not right not,’ before adding ‘I think people – older people – don’t take him as seriously as they should.’

He added: ‘Justin Bieber has the potential to become a very credible artist. It sounds crazy to say, but he is extremely talented – it’s just that he is very young. It comes with age. When you have talent, you can do anything.’

Guetta made the comments at the launch of a new neon range of his trademark headphones Beats Mixr, from iconic brand Beats By Dre, hosted at Atlantis The Palm prior to his sell-out gig on Friday May 5.

The DJ confessed he was staying in one of the hotel’s two trademark Underwater Suites, which he described as ‘the craziest hotel room I’ve ever had in my life’.

He added: ‘I’m sleeping with the sharks and the stingrays. I had to close the curtains because I couldn’t sleep – it was freaking me out!’

See pictures of Justin Bieber's Dubai concert here.
See pictures of David Guetta's Dubai concert here.

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