Rotating skyscrapers to be built in Dubai?

Wacky plans to build towers that spin a full 360°

The Knowledge

Plans to build dynamic towers in the city, where apartments will rotate 360˚ every 90 minutes have been revealed. With the first two examples of the skyscrapers to be constructed here and in Moscow, the idea behind the design is that buildings will be self-sufficient, generating their own muscle from wind and solar power. The so-called ‘intelligent towers’ will monitor the environmental conditions and regulate output such as air conditioning automatically. The initial plans include up to 79 wind turbines on each floor, allowing the structure to generate sufficient energy. The skyscrapers are the brainchild of Florence-based architect Dr David Fisher, whose outfit is aptly named the Rotating Tower Company. A completion date for the 80-storey Dubai project is yet to be finalised but plans include a lift facility to hoist cars, so that they can be parked outside your flat – space-age indeed.

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