Vibrogym opens at Healthcare City

Get ready to vibrate yourself fit.

The region's first VibroGym Pro Studio has opened at Dubai Healthcare City with the aim of providing targeted exercise through the combination of a Narl Ultrasound and vibration training.

The studio features two VibroGyms, a room for VO2 Max assessment and metabolic testing and a fourth room for a Narl Ultrasound.

Manager of training and education for VibroGym Asia and Middle East Afshad Mistry said: "For each client, we start off with a simple consultation and assessment procedure. We understand the importance of doing risk stratification to see if the client is high risk, medium risk or low risk. "After this, depending on the package, we conduct a VO2 Max test or a metabolic test.

For a VibroFit package we conduct a VO2 Max test to compare how the VO2 Max can improve in four weeks," said Mistry. "If the client chooses a package to reduce cellulite or reduce fat; we do a metabolic test.

"The two devices we use are Food and Drink Administration (FDA) approved and carried out by my team, who are all American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified," he said. Mistry continued: "With our vibration training, we also conduct a Narl Ultrasound. This is where we consider the magic happening.

The Narl Ultrasound emits a 517 hertz frequency, which breaks fat down into free fatty acids immediately ready to be burnt by exercise from problem areas. This service is also included in the fat loss package.

" Mistry said that the studio was targeting the general public, and that 60% of users in similar centres he had run in Bombay were women hoping to lose fat or reduce the appearance of cellulite.

He added: "We want to get this studio up and running completely. Maybe by the end of next year, we'll look at opening another; we want to have one in Jumeirah.

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