Business as usual at Rakbank

Forget the credit crunch, loans are still available

Rakbank has launched a marketing campaign to highlight the range of loans it still offers to customers, despite the worldwide credit crunch.

It has said it aims to reassure customers that the bank is adopting a "business as usual" policy and offering loans to customers that satisfy the bank's risk criteria.

Graham Honeybill, general manager, said: "We have continued to have a solid performance this year, launch new products and services, expand our branch network, and for the third year, have been voted as number 1 in customer service. This campaign is another reflection of our bold business approach and ends the year appropriately on a high note."

He added: "We are reaffirming our commitment to our customers and informing the public that we continue to offer what is a core service for banks - lending."

Banks across the UAE have recently hiked the minimum monthly salary needed to qualify for a personal loan, hurting low wage earners across the emirate. Some banks have more than doubled the amount customers must earn in order to get a loan.

Lloyds TSB hiked its minimum monthly salary threshold to Dhs25,000 from Dhs12,000, while Barclays raised its threshold to Dhs8,000 from Dhs4,000. Lloyds, which has also stopped providing home finance for apartments in the UAE and reduced its loan-to-value ratio on villas to 50 percent.

HSBC raised its minimum monthly salary threshold to Dhs20,000 from Dhs10,000. Dubai-based Emirates Bank increased the amount customers must earn in order to get a loan to Dhs5,000 from Dhs3,000, while National Bank of Dubai (NBD) raised its threshold to Dhs5,000 from Dhs2,500.

National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), Abu Dhabi's largest lender by market value, also increased its threshold, raising it to Dhs7,000 from Dhs3,000.

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