Air fried food in Dubai (really)

New healthy alternative to eating deep fried food

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This week we eat food fried by air,  get our skin checked for cancer and learn how to look after our hands.

If the sight of deep-fried anything sends you running for the dunes, then perhaps the Philips Airfryer XL (04 446 1100) might change your mind.

It fries ingredients with hot air instead of oil and cooks food using 80 percent less fat than a normal deep-fryer. You can zap chips, chicken and fish in a matter of minutes. The Airfryer comes with 30 recipes and is priced at Dhs1,259.

Use the time you’d be spending on the beach this winter to do something sensible and get your skin checked. It could save your life! Dubai Herbal Treatment Centre (04 335 1200) is running black mole screenings for a week in February for just Dhs199 per session, during which the doctor will examine any areas of concern for skin cancer. The clinic urges that no matter how dark or light a tan is, it’s the skin’s response to ultra-violet injury, so slap on the sunscreen in the meantime.

Lastly, women who worry about what the UAE’s harsh climate is doing to their hair can now get their hands on Herra Protect Hair Perfume (04 409 8888), in Dubai for the first time. Containing sunflower and olive fruit extract, the spray-on hair treatment is rich in antioxidants and shields the hair against pollution, UV rays and other free radicals. Until next week, Namaste.

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