Backstreet Boys NOT back... in Dubai?

Dubai gig listing mysteriously removed from band's website

The Knowledge

There were cheers, tears and laughter when earlier this week it was revealed (first by Time Out) that US boyband the Backstreet Boys could be on their way to Dubai.

A post on the band’s own website listing upcoming gigs showed that the reformed quartet would be playing at Dubai World Trade Centre on March 28, despite the fact no local announcement had been made.

But since the news broke and was picked up by numerous news outlets, the Dubai gig has now mysteriously disappeared from the group's website.

So, does that mean the gig hasn’t been finalised, that BSB (shock!) might not coming after all?

Or is the Dubai promoter behind the (potential?) gig waiting to make a splash-tastic formal announcement in coming weeks?

We reckon these questions will trouble some readers more than others.

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