Paddyman wins songwriting competition

Irish parody artist comes up trumps in UAE-wide contest

The Knowledge

Irish parody singer Paddyman has proved there’s more than barroom wit to his work after picking up a songwriting award.

The singer won the UAE leg of the Holiday Inn Express Songwriting Competition for his quirky folk-jig ‘Express Yourself (Everybody Got a Bit of Fun Inside)’.

The judging panel, which included local soul singer Rachael Calladine and Time Out online editor Rob Garratt, were impressed with the singer’s multi-lingual offering about individuality.

After hearing the news, Paddy said: ‘I am delighted that Holiday Inn Express chose my song as the winning entry in its competition!

‘The song I wrote for the competition – “Express Yourself” - encourages people to smile, be confident and happy because “everyone has a bit of fun inside”.

‘I'm much more comfortable writing funny parodies than writing original music and songs from scratch. However, when I heard about the competition I picked up my guitar to give it a try! Once I decided on the song title and theme, the words and music followed along pretty quickly. I recorded it at home over the course of three days and asked my talented friend and fiddle player Mikie O'Shea to add some violin over the top of it.

‘It is the first time I've won a music or songwriting competition so cheers!

‘I look forward to staying with my family in a Holiday Inn Express as part of the prize over the next year. And the other part of the prize – making a video for my song “Express Yourself” should be great fun too!’

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