Herbie Hancock working on an album with Flying Lotus

Jazz crossover star confirms forthcoming LP with experimental producer

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Herbie Hancock has confirmed he is working on an album with experimental electronic mastermind Flying Lotus.

Speculation of a collaboration has been rife since the producer posted a picture of the pair in the studio together late last year, but Hancock has remained largely silent on the subject.

It was presumed the jazz pianist was simply guesting on Flying Lotus’ upcoming album, but recent comments suggest it may well be joint-billed LP, or even a full blown Hancock release.

Speaking to Time Out Dubai, Hancock said ‘I’ve been thinking about what to do next for a record project...

‘There’s a guy named Flying Lotus that I’ve been in cahoots with, having a dialogue with, from the electronic area. We’ve got some different stuff that he’s doing.’

A multi-genre producer and rapper with six albums under his belt, Flying Lotus has great jazz credentials as the great-nephew of John Coltrane, and the cousin of Ravi Coltrane.

When asked what form the project would take, Hancock added: ‘I suppose people would put him in the category of electronic music. But to just describe it that way really misses the mark, there are a lot of different influences on the music he’s done, and some of it’s been very, very modern classical, some R&B, some maybe hip-hop, there’s a jazz influences – it covers a broad territory which is one of the reasons I’m interested in working with him.

‘A lot of my concentration is on sharing my experiences with the younger generation, and I’m very much open to including young people, their input in my music. I’ve done that in the past, in a way it’s not a new impetus, but there’s newer generations coming up all along, so consequently I have the advantage of those new ideas that influence me to come up with some things I never thought of before. It’s a dialog or collaboration that hopefully will be a part of my direction all the way into future.’

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