Ramadan fasting map

Global map reveals longest fasting hours in Germany

Knowledge story, The Knowledge

A global Ramadan fasting map released by the Abu Dhabi-based International Astronomy Centre has revealed the average fasting hours around the world during the Holy Month, which begins at the end of June. In the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, Muslims will fast for 15 hours, while in Saudi Arabia and Yemen they will fast for around 14 hours. Although they are among the longest fasting hours in history (due to Ramadan once again taking place during summer), they are far below those in the northern hemisphere. In Turkey, Muslims will fast for 17 hours, in Italy 18 hours, in central France 19 hours and almost 20 hours in Germany. In contrast, those on the opposite side of the world in Chile will fast for approximately ten hours. For our full guide to experiencing Ramadan in Dubai this year, look out for next week’s issue.

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