How to stop sliding on your yoga mat

And more body and mind nuggets

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This week: we discover how to stop sliding around a yoga studio and check out a new online weight loss tool.

Fed up with slipping on your yoga mat every time you attempt the downward dog or half moon pose? Then you need to invest in new durable Bamboo Toes grip socks from yoga brand Carrot Banana Peach (04 434 0641). They tick all the right boxes for yoga-lovers, namely conquering the enemy that is hardwood floors, so pick your durable pair from either the toeless (Dhs100) (or toes) (Dhs80) variety in a range of colours to help you stay on your feet for your next session.

Meanwhile, Irish beauty brand Human+Kind (04 339 9383) has launched a product, ideal for sun-kissed Dubaians. The new skin lightening cream (Dhs120) targets pigmentation on the skin with instant results for a quick beauty fix, and also works as a moisturiser and protects against UV rays. Best of all, there are no harsh chemicals involved. You’ll notice a smoother, more even skin tone over time.

Lastly, those too busy to prepare a new health regime to get in shape needn’t stress, PURE Fitness ( has launched its new online SECRET program (Dhs400) that’s all about hard work for the body and mind to achieve your weight-loss goals. Super mums Catherine Williams and Elaine Luck share all their secrets through daily food and exercise plans, recipes and online notice boards. All you have to do is bin the excuses.

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